5 fatos fáceis sobre container homes plans Descrito

This gorgeous shipping container home, located in Canon City, Colorado, was built by Tomecek Studio. This project was designed as a family retreat for a client using a single 40 foot container along with six 20 foot containers.

The house features a small outside deck that invites to step inside where there are hardwood floors, HVAC system, two bedrooms and a modern furnished kitchen.

The house has a small patio in front and a partial roof above it to shield the rain from splashing directly into the door. The interior features wood paneling on the walls, which provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.

What a neat idea to turn the shipping container on its side, line it with windows and turn their stairs in such a beautiful manner. Creativity at its finest!

Designed by M Gooden Design the house features a swimming pool, concrete floors, and the modern appliances.

Kalkin House may be a gallery for contemporary design but it still looks and feels as a modern house. This is another project of the architect Adam Kalkin, popular for his amazingly stylish modern shipping container homes.

If the HO4 is too big for your liking, Honomobo offers many other models. Some of which are smaller than the HO4, while others like the HO4+ and HO8 are on the larger side.

People always take this as a challenge and in this case,the result turned out great. The container was painted blue and two sections were cut out and replaced with windows and big sliding doors.

Key features: Pasadena-based design-builder Kubed Living recently opened its first showroom this past March in Sierra Madre, California, and is selling two different models made from recycled shipping containers: A one-bedroom made from two 20-foot containers and a 160-square-foot studio dwelling made from a single container.

This spectacular shipping Check This Out container home has a clerestory roof which lets a lot of natural light into the interior. In the morning, the living area is enlightened by the conterraneo light, and that creates an increased sense of space.

Shipping containers aren’t always a perfect solution to housing problems though. They are poorly insulated and present an array of different other issues and challenges that the prospective homeowners should be aware of.

If you would like to know more about this shipping container home, then we suggest you follow this link.

Another impressive project comes from Brazilian Architect MarcioKogan. This maritime shipping container home was born from the idea of using industrial elements that can be easily assembled in a very short period of time.

Since this is a Beach house it features two rooms that are completely open to the views of the locale and other glass inclusions to allow plenty of conterraneo light in.

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